ISTA Seed symposium

Seed technology and quality in a changing world
[26 June - 28 June, 2019]

Session 1: Developments in Viability and Vigour testing

Germination and Dormancy, Biochemical tests for viability, New vigour testing methods, Field emergence, Imaging, Seed responses to biotic and abiotic stress.Lead Speaker: Dr. Wanda Waterworth, Leeds University, UK

Session 2: Ensuring seed quality for future generations

Genetic resources, Habitat restoration, Post-harvest handling, Long-term storage, Moisture content and Equilibrium relative humidity, Desiccation tolerance and recalcitrance, Seed longevity, Maintaining the seed quality of non-crop species. Lead Speaker: Prof. Kingsley Dixon, Curtin University, Australia

Session 3: Ensuring seed health and implications of change for seed pathology

Epidemiology, Phytosanitary issues, New diseases, Novel disease testing methods, Seed treatments and control of disease, Biostimulation.Lead Speaker: Prof. Ron Walcott, USA

Session 4: Seed production in a changing environment

The environment and seed quality, Organic seed production, Use of and control of GM material, Genetic and physical purity, New breeding technologies, Maternal effects, Epigenetics, Seed development and maturity, Infestation with pests, Wild Species.Lead Speaker: Dr.TrilochanMohapatra

Session 5: New technology and novel methods for seed quality assessment

Biochemical and molecular techniques, Imaging and scanning technologies, Phenotyping, Genetics of seed quality, Variety identification, GM detection techniques, Automated methods.Lead Speaker: Prof. Ulrich Schurr


18 January 2019 Authors informed whether papers have been accepted for oral or poster presentation. Authors of papers not accepted for oral presentation may be invited to present their work as a poster.
11 February 2019 Deadline for payment of registration fee by authors of accepted oral papers.If the presenter of an oral paper has not registered, the paper will be replaced in the programme
11 March 2019 Deadline for payment of registration fee by authors of accepted poster papers.If none of the poster authors has registered by this time, it will not be possible to present the poster and the abstract will not be published.


Authors of proposed papers are encouraged to explore possible sources of funding for their attendance at the symposium as early as possible. ISTA cannot offer any financial support to authors of papers. However, a letter of acceptance of a paper for presentation (subject to funding) can be provided to assist in funding applications from early January 2019.

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